Singular Learn

Your comprehensive guide to understanding Modular NFTs, blockchains and using Singular.


Welcome to Singular Learn, the central hub for educating yourself on how to use the Singular NFT marketplace, NFTs, Modular NFTs, blockchains, and web3. Whether you're a complete beginner dipping your toes in the vast ocean of digital assets or an experienced explorer of the metaverse, Singular Learn has got you covered.
We have carefully curated a series of articles ranging from the fundamentals, like 'What is an NFT?' to more advanced topics like 'What are Modular NFTs?' and the intricacies of 'Equippable' or 'Soulbound' NFTs. Here, we also explore the concept of the 'Metaverse', a term that's quickly becoming a household name.
But that's not all. Singular Learn delves into the world of blockchains and web3, breaking down complex concepts into digestible information for everyone. You'll learn about cryptocurrencies, crypto wallets, and how to navigate the web3 landscape safely and securely.
Last but not least, we've provided a comprehensive guide to using Singular, our advanced NFT marketplace. From setting up a new wallet, connecting to Moonbeam, acquiring xcRMRK on Moonbeam, to the step-by-step processes of buying an NFT, creating an NFT collection, or minting an NFT on Singular, we have you covered.
Embark on your journey through the Singular Learn portal and uncover the vast possibilities that await in the world of NFTs, blockchains, and beyond.
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