How to Create an NFT on Singular

This guide will show you how to mint an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) on Singular. Singular, home of Modular NFTs, is a digital marketplace for buying, selling, and trading the most advanced NFTs in the world.

Before you can mint an NFT on Singular, you must first have a wallet. If you do not have one, read this guide to learn how to create one. If you want to know more about wallets, then read this in-depth beginners guide.

Once your wallet is set up, you can begin.

How to create an NFT on Singular step-by-step

  1. Connect your wallet. Before you can mint NFTs, you must first connect your wallet. Click the ‘Connect’ button at the top right of the website. Select your preferred wallet and connect to Singular. You will be asked to sign a transaction approving Singular to manage your NFTs. Review the information and sign the transaction (or ‘approve’ it).

  2. Click the ‘Create’ button at the top right of the Singular website. This will open the ‘Choose Network’ page.

  3. Choose the network. Because Singular is a multi-chain NFT marketplace, it is necessary to select which blockchain (network) you would like to mint your NFT on. If you want to take advantage of the best Singular has to offer, we strongly recommend choosing one of the EVM blockchains. As of this writing (June 2023), Moonbeam is our recommended choice (as it is the only one currently available). Depending on when you read this, we may have added support for more EVM chains. In that case, choose whichever EVM network you prefer. Once you’ve done this, you will be taken to the ‘Create Simple NFT’ page.

  4. Upload file. In the ‘upload file’ dialog box below the selected collection, click choose file and select the item you would like to turn into an NFT.

  5. Upload a thumbnail (optional but recommended). This image will be used as you NFT thumbnail across the marketplace. A square image with lower resolution is recommended. This will speed up the preview of your NFTs.

  6. Add a name for your NFT.

  7. Add a description (optional). This is an optional field where you can add text describing your NFT. Note that this field supports markdown. Here is an article that explains what markdown is and how to use it (in case you’re unfamiliar with it).

  8. Add custom attributes (optional). Custom attributes are specific characteristics that help describe your NFT in more detail. An attribute has a "name" and a "value" - the name defines what the characteristic is (like 'color'), and the value provides the specific detail for that characteristic (like 'red'). This feature allows you to further customize and enrich the information about your NFT.

  9. Click ‘Create’.

  10. Confirm/sign the transaction. Your wallet extension will popup asking you to sign the transaction and confirm the creation of your NFT.

Congratulations! You have successfully created an NFT on Singular. Looking for how to list/sell your NFT? Read this guide.

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