How to Equip and Unequip NFTs on Singular

Equippable NFTs are an innovative feature of Modular NFTs that allows one NFT to be attached to another, modifying its appearance by merging both NFTs into one unique asset. Learn more about the concept here.

In this guide, you'll discover how to equip and unequip NFTs on Singular. Before we dive into the process, there are a few essential points you need to keep in mind:

  • Parent and Child NFTs: In the context of equipping, the NFT that will be outfitted (Child NFT) must already be nested or owned by the NFT to which it will be attached (Parent NFT). To elaborate:

    • Parent NFT: This refers to the NFT that holds or owns the 'child' NFT(s).

    • Child NFT(s): These are the NFT(s) that are owned by the parent NFT and can potentially be equipped onto it.

  • Equippability is not universal: Not all NFTs are equippable. For an NFT to be equipped to another, this capability must be enabled by its creator during its creation. This makes equippable collections scarce on Singular, with the Kanaria and Spacers collections being notable examples.

  • Adding does not mean equipping: Sending or adding an NFT to another doesn't automatically make the newly added (child) NFT equippable to the parent NFT. Equippability must be programmed by the collection creator. For instance, in the Kanaria collection, the RMRK team designed the collection with these capabilities in mind.

Step-by-step guide to equipping an NFT

  • Navigate to 'Your Space': Click the link at the top of the page to go to your Space where all your NFTs are listed.

  • Select "Composable" on the left menu of filters. In this way you will see all NFTs you own that can be equipped. Select the NFT that you want to equip. NOTE: Composable = NFTs that can have other NFTs to be equipped in Equippable = NFTs that can be equipped into other NFTs.

  • Navigate to the Inventory: Scroll down to the inventory. Here, you'll find the NFTs owned by the parent NFT.

  • Select the NFT: Click "View Inventory" at the bottom. Pick the NFT you'd like to equip and click on it. A pop up window will open that will show different actions you can perform:

    • Move to root - Moves the item from the parent NFT inventory to your main account so you can list it for sale, send it, etc

    • View - It will take you to the page of that specific NFT

    • Equip - It will equip that NFTs into the parent NFT

  • Click Equip the NFT: Click on the chosen NFT again and hit the 'Equip' button. Sign the transactions to complete the process. Some NFTs will also ask in which slot you want to equip.

Congratulations, you have successfully equipped an NFT to another NFT.

How to unequip NFTs

Unequipping follows a similar process. However, if an NFT is already equipped, the 'Equip' button will display as 'Unequip'. Click this and sign your transactions to remove the NFT.

Congratulations, you have successfully unequipped a child NFT from its parent NFT.

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