Create your own Equippable NFT

Guide on how to create your own Equippable NFTs for ME

Before you start minting your equippable NFTs at Singular, it's necessary to create all the images. For that we recommend to follow the template our team has created to ensure that all items will equip in each slot without issues. We made available the following files: - Guide - Adobe Illustrator template - Photoshop template

Here a copy of the Guide.

Once you have your art ready, it's time to start minting. 1 - Go to and click on "Create" on the top menu. 2 - When choosing the network, select BASE. This is the only chain where it will work to create equippable NFTs for ME project. 3 - Create a collection. You may create a single collection for all your Equippable NFTs, or create a collection for each slot (background, head, body). Fill in all the fields required and confirm the creation. 4 - Hit again the button "Create" on top menu. Select the collection you just created. 5 - Click "Create New Asset". Fill in all required fields and upload the image of your NFT. IMPORTANT 6 - Make sure that you check the box "Equippable Asset". It will open a new window. ME is selected by default, but you will need to select in which slot your NFT will be equipped: Background, Head or Body.

7 - Click "Add New Asset Entry" once you filled in all required fields and uploaded your art. Confirm the transaction on your wallet 8 - Now select the number of copies you wish to mint. Click "Create" and confirm the transaction on your wallet. That's it! You have now created your equippable NFT. Repeat the steps as many times as you wish. After minting you can send them to your avatar or list them for sale with fixed price or using GBM auction.

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