What are Soulbound NFTs?

Picture a medal you've earned in a marathon. It's special, unique, and inextricably tied to your identity. Enter the world of Soulbound NFTs. As a significant part of Modular NFTs, these unique digital assets, like your marathon medal, are 'soulbound' to a specific blockchain address or another NFT, making them a permanent and personal part of the digital universe.
Take the case of a unique digital creature, a Kanaria, in the metaverse. It can possess gems that are Soulbound NFTs. These gems, while enhancing the value of the Kanaria, cannot be removed or transferred. They're there for good, bringing a new layer of permanence to the NFT world.
Watch the video below for a quick overview of Soulbound NFTs.
Short overview of Soulbound NFTs

Benefits of Soulbound NFTs with Modular NFTs

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    Reputation tracking: They provide a non-transferable record of an individual's performance, effectively acting as a reputation tracker in the digital world.
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    Perpetual bonuses: They can permanently enhance another NFT's value, serving as equippable and non-removable bonuses.
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    Immutable identity: They establish a unique and unchangeable identity in the digital space, from users in digital communities to avatars in games.

Use cases of Soulbound NFTs

Soulbound NFTs have found a myriad of applications across the digital landscape, thanks to their unique characteristics. Here's a look at how they're being used:
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    Reputation indicators: Soulbound NFTs serve as a powerful tool for tracking and reflecting the reputation of users in various platforms. For instance:
    • Zeitgeist: In this prediction market chain, users are rewarded with non-transferable tokens based on their performance in making accurate predictions. These tokens, bound to their digital avatars, become indicators of their market acumen and overall reputation within the community.
    • Citizend: This DAO project launchpad uses Soulbound NFTs as performance-based reputation tokens. Users accumulate these non-transferable assets based on their contributions and participation in the community. The higher their reputation score, the more significant their voting power and access within the community.
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    Skill enhancers: In gaming and virtual realities, Soulbound NFTs function as permanent skill enhancers, leveling up avatars and other digital items. For example:
    • Phala World: This web3 gaming platform tracks users' web3 activities, translating them into non-transferable reputation tokens. These tokens level up the game avatars, equipping them with enhanced skills and experiences. Instead of traditional game progression, users level up by being good web3 citizens.
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    Identity assigners: Soulbound NFTs also serve as immutable markers of identity, establishing unique and non-transferable identities in the digital space.
    • InvArch: This blockchain platform uses Soulbound NFTs for IP management, with licenses acting as non-transferable NFTs part of another NFT, serving as "reputation" tokens for ideas.
By creating a layer of permanence and identity, Soulbound NFTs are revolutionizing digital interactions and experiences in the realm of Modular NFTs.


The rise of Soulbound NFTs signifies a new chapter in the Modular NFT narrative. With their ability to represent identity, track reputation, and contribute value, they're a permanent and unique footprint in the digital world.
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