How to Emote on an NFT

Although the emote functionality has not yet been deployed to Singular, the RMRK team released a standalone dApp (decentralized application) that allows you emote on any NFT on Ethereum, Polygon, and Moonbeam.

Step by step guide on how to emote on an NFT

1. Go to the Emotes dApp. Scroll down until you see the image above.

2. Select a network from the dropdown menu. At the moment you can emote in any NFT on Moonbeam, Polygon, Ethereum and Sepolia (more chains to be added in the future)

3. Enter Collection Address. To find a collection address, go to any NFT marketplace like Singular. Look for the NFT you want to emote and click on it. On your browser you will see the collection address right after the name of the chain. It’s a series of numbers and letters that are between the “/”.

4. Enter the Token ID. To find the Token ID, is exactly the same process as the previous step. The Token ID is the last numbers that appear on your browser, after the “/”.

Following the example above, this is how it will look once you fill in all fields.

5. Click 'Load NFT'. If all fields are all correct, the NFT page should appear like the following image.

6. Click “Connect your wallet”

7. Click on the heart icon and select the emoji you want to use.

8. Confirm the transaction on your wallet

DONE! You should see your emote on the NFT

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