What are Equippable NFTs?

Equippable NFTs, a revolutionary Modular NFT innovation, are like the transformers of the NFT world. They boast all the features of regular NFTs, but with the added ability to be "equipped" or "attached" to other digital assets. They are one of the essential building blocks of Modular NFT. To fully grasp this concept, let's explore how it works.
Watch the video below for a short overview of equippable NFTs.
Short overview of equippable NFTs

How Equippable NFTs work

NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, are unique digital assets that represent ownership of a digital or physical item, such as artwork, virtual real estate, or even a tweet. Each NFT has a distinct value and cannot be exchanged on a one-to-one basis like regular currency (e.g., dollars or bitcoins).
Think of Equippable NFTs as supercharged NFTs, made possible by the revolutionary ERC-6220 standard, developed by RMRK, the team that built Singular. This unique standard allows you to create NFTs that can have other NFTs "attached" or "equipped" to them.
Picture a LEGO set. You can connect different pieces to create something entirely new. Equippable NFTs work in a similar fashion. They can be attached to other NFTs, modifying the original, much like giving your LEGO car a shiny new set of wheels.

Benefits of Equippable NFTs

  • Increased customization and personalization for creators and collectors
  • Enhanced interactivity between digital assets
  • Novel use cases and applications in various industries
  • Opportunities for collaboration between creators and asset holders
  • Boosted value of digital assets through unique combinations and interactions

Use cases of Equippable NFTs


  • Equippable NFTs enable players to customize their in-game characters with various items, such as weapons, armor, or accessories, creating unique and personalized gaming experiences.
  • Game developers can create a dynamic ecosystem of digital assets that players can collect, trade, and combine to unlock new abilities, levels, or content.
  • Equippable NFTs can foster social interaction and cooperation between players, as they can trade, gift, or lend their NFTs to one another, enhancing their gaming experience.


  • Artists can create modular artworks, where each piece can be equipped with others to form new, complex compositions or even interactive experiences.
  • Collectors can personalize their digital art collections by equipping individual pieces with various elements or enhancements, allowing for a unique expression of their taste and style.
  • Equippable NFTs can inspire artistic collaborations, with multiple creators contributing unique elements that can be combined in various ways to form new works of art.


  • In the metaverse, users can equip their virtual avatars with a wide range of digital assets, such as clothing, accessories, or even virtual pets, allowing for greater personalization and self-expression.
  • Equippable NFTs can enable seamless integration of various digital assets within the metaverse, as users can easily equip and unequip different items to customize their virtual environment.
  • By unlocking new content or experiences when certain NFTs are equipped together, Equippable NFTs can create a sense of exploration and discovery within the metaverse.


  • Galleries and museums can use Equippable NFTs to create interactive digital exhibitions, where visitors can "equip" different elements to the artworks on display, creating personalized experiences and engaging with the art in new ways.
  • Equippable NFTs can provide new avenues for curators to organize and present digital art, allowing them to experiment with various combinations and layouts to tell unique stories and evoke specific emotions.


Equippable NFTs are more than just a buzzword; they're a game-changer, bringing a whole new level of interactivity and customization to the digital world. Dive into the world of Equippable NFTs on Singular to experience the Modular NFT revolution first hand.
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