How does it work?

1 - Mint for FREE your ME skin at

2 - Buy equippable NFTs or create your own!

3 - Send equippable to Parent ME Skin

4 - Equip and show it off! Use the hashtag #customME on socials

Let's break down each step.

1 - Go to Select the skin you wish from the 3 types we offer. All skins are free so you can come back and mint as many as you wish. Make sure you have your wallet connected and some $ETH on Base to cover the gas for the transaction.

Click "Mint yours FREE" button. Confirm the transaction on your wallet and that's it. You have now your avatar skin on your wallet and you can check it on "Your Space" at Singular.

2 - Open the NFT avatar that you just minted. Click on the button "Preview Equippables". This will open the Equippable NFTs wardrobe. In this window you can select any NFT that can be equipped and try it out before purchasing. Use the filters on the left to browse items for the specific slot you are looking for. If you wish to acquire any equippable NFT, select the filter "Buy Now" or "Live Auction" to see everything that is currently listed. You can also filter by currency so it's easier to look for a specific NFT that is listed with WETH or RMRK. Once you find something you like, click on "Buy Now" button. Confirm the transaction on your wallet. You have now acquired your first Equippable NFT. Move on to step 3.

3 - Send equippable to Parent ME Skin

Select your avatar skin and confirm.

4 - Equip and show it off! Now you should see it on your inventory of the avatar skin and a button to equip directly on your equippable NFT page (Equip to Parent). Just click on it and confirm the transaction on your wallet.

Show it off to the world and use the hashtag #customME on socials. Repeat any of the steps to get more equippable NFTs and customise your avatar on your own way.

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