How to verify your collection

To be able to request verification for your collection, you will need to:

  1. Create a collection with at least 5 unique NFTs (no copies of the same NFT).

  2. Set a profile with an ENS domain and a link to your twitter or website (including content hash on ENS)

  3. Have 10 RMRK tokens on your wallet

Once you meet these requirements, you may request verification on your collection page. If your collection is unverified you will see a grey icon with a question mark on it’s page.

To verify, click on the 3 dots on the right side. A drop down will appear. Click on “Verify Collection”.

A pop up window will appear, stating if you have met the requirements or not.

It will show which requirements are met and which ones are not. The ones with a green check mark are met. The ones with a red X are not met.

If the requirements are met you will see the following:

Fill in the form with your email (so we can contact you in case there are some questions), and with a link to a google drive folder with files that prove you are the creator and your work is original. Be honest about it no matter what tools you use to create art.

Once all fields are filled, click on “Submit Request”. Your request will be verified by our team in some days. In case of doubt we will contact you by email. Once your collection is verified you will see a new icon on it.

Congratulations. Your collection will not be visible on the front page under the filter “Verified”

Verified collections are checked by our team and thus providing an extra level of security. We look for possible plagiarisms, artist profile, past work, and more. Altho our team does this research, we cannot guarantee 100% that this collection is original. For detailed information on how our team does the verification process please check this article.

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